Riva Stahl GmbH has been operating successfully in Germany since the beginning of the Nineties. Its Italian holding Riva Acciaio & C. was founded in Nothern Italy already in 1954. In the Seventies and Eighties, after a series of take overs in France, Belgium, Spain and Canada, it developed to ine of the leading European steel companies.



The two traditional production sites in the federal state of Brandenburg named B.E.S. Brandenburger Elektrostahlwerke GmbH (B.E.S.) and H.E.S. Hennigsdorfer Elektrostahlwerke GmbH were allocated to the Riva Group by the Treuhandanstalt Berlin (the public privatization agency) after a public tender procedure and taken over by the Riva Group in May 1992.



Betonstahl Lampertheim GmbH (BSL), at the times still under the control of the French group Usinor-Sacilor under the name Drahtwerk Ludwig, was bought in the year 2000. Also in the case of BSL, after the take over large Investments were inacted to optimize quality, production performance, work safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency.

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