Occupational healt and safety policy


Work and health safety are express and prioritary corporate objectives for Riva Stahl and for the whole Riva Group . Consequently they are binding for the management board, for the supervisors and for all employees. The top priority of the work and health safety policy of our Group is to provide for and request health for all the persons working in our companies as employees and suppliers, or who work and live in the vicinity. Therefore it is undispensible that all employees are constantly alert and have a safety conscious conduct, because work accidents can be largely avoided if before carrying out any activity it is thought through, organized in a responsible way and then enacted with caution. The improvement and further development of the procedures and conducts in relation to work safety are constantly promoted, and all initiatives and searchings focusing on the improvement of the work safety conditions of employees have a strong support. On top, all employees are regularly trained in the evaluation and reduction of risks at the work plate and during the enactment of their activities and also on the compliance with the prescribed word procedures and technologies.

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