Reach policies


R.E.A.CH. is the EU short cut for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. The REACH regulation 1907/2006/EC entered into force on 01.06.2007 and has direct validity in all EU Member States. This regulation is directed at the same time at producers, importers and users, consequently also at steel works with their respective steel products and byproducts (slag).

The steel products manufactured by the works of the Riva Group (e.g. billets, coils, bars) are subject to registration according to the REACH regulation 1907/2006. The byproducts (steel works slags) produced as a result of the steel production were registrated according to the REACH regulation, specifically EAF slag, registered in the category „Slags, steelmaking electric furnace (EAFC)“, and LF slag (also secondary slag), registered in the category „Slags, steelmaking (SMS)“. The registration took place under the technical supervision of the „Reach Ferrous Slags Consortium (RFSC)“, of which Brandenburger and Hennigsdorfer Elektrostahlwerke are members.

In relation to the obligation of information for products as per article 33 REACH, Brandenburger and Hennigsdorfer Elektrostahlwerke (B.E.S. GmbH and H.E.S. GmbH) can confirm that the manufactured steel products to not contain any substance of the socalled “candidate list” according to Art. 59 REACH with more than 0,1 WT %. We will follow up the further development of the “candidate list” , carry out any necessary adjustments and inform our customers. On the following link you will find further related data about our steel products in our information letter for our customers.

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