Management System


The RIVA Group Germany (H.E.S., B.E.S., B.S.L., Riva Stahl GmbH) has set itself the goal of manufacturing and offering high-quality products that go beyond the legal, qualitative, environmental, energy, occupational safety and sustainability, normative and economic requirements.


To achieve this goal, we commit ourselves:


  • to continuously improving and sustainably shaping our quality, process, environmental, energy, sustainability, occupational health and safety performance.
  • to maintaining close contact with customers, suppliers, authorities and other partners and to taking their opinion into consideration in determining our action to meet their requirements.
  • to achieving added value, while taking into account the interests and expectations of the stakeholders.
  • to defining, developing and monitoring the achievement of management objectives to ensure continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.
  • to informing, training and involving our employees so that they are motivated to act in a quality-, environment-, energy-, safety- and health-conscious and sustainable manner.
  • to supporting and promoting initiatives in the social field and carrying out training and awareness raising activities.
  • to creating a working environment in which our employees can work in a quality-, environment-, energy-conscious, safe and sustainable manner.
  • to ensuring that our products are produced sustainably and safely with minimal use of resources and environmental impact. On the one hand, this includes mitigating and adapting to climate change and protecting biodiversity and the ecosystems through appropriate measures. On the other hand, we commit to adhering to the Code of Ethics and to conflict minerals and embargo regulations.
  • to avoiding accidents, injuries and illnesses through preventive action.
  • to promoting and maintaining a constant flow of information in and between processes and departments and to providing the necessary resources.
  • to carrying out regular target-performance comparisons of objectives within the RIVA Group and to introducing the evaluation of management indicators and efficient technologies and to renewing existing ones, as well as to purchasing products and services in order to manufacture high-quality products in an environmental-, energy-conscious, safe and sustainable manner and to improving the performance of management systems.
  • to planning and designing plants and processes in such a way that the requirements for quality, environmental, energy, occupational safety and health protection are met.

The plants of Riva Group Germany attach great importance to the fact that all companies working on their behalf comply with the economic, qualitative, environmental, energy, occupational safety, health and sustainability requirements set out in this management policy.


Excerpt from the IMM - April 2022