Wire rod


Wire rod is produced by warm rolling the billets on special, continuous rolling mills. It is a long product formed into coils and used as semi-products. Unlike other products of the steel industry, wire rod is classified in different classes of goods. Depending on the chemical analysis and on the kind of use, wire rod can be classified into the following families:

  • Low carbon wire rod for the production of wire mesh for the construction industry and for the production of drawn wire (raw, annealed and coated)
  • Middle/high content carbon wire rod for the production of drawn wire
  • Welding wire
  • Wire rod from special steel for processing in forging, drawing or pressworking


Areas of application

  • Industrial wire
  • Tire wire
  • Polished, chromium-plateable wire for furniture, domestic appliances, agriculture,
  • Lifting ropes and ropes for prestressed concrete
  • Coated electrode wire and welding wire
  • Spring wire
  • Chains
  • Screws and small metal hardware
  • Metal grids
  • Nails


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