Energy Management


Energy management is a central part both of the environmental policy and of the sustainability philosophy of Riva Stahl. In fact, only energy efficient plants are able to produce in a competitive and environment friendly way , representing a sustainable model of growth. As modern energy intensive companies, the German works of Riva Stahl have the special responsibility to give a substantial contribution to a resource saving and sustainable use of energies and to the protection of the climate. They have therefore set themselves the goal to save energy and to use it efficiently to the greatest possible extent, to save resources and protect the climate, on the one hand, and to save costs and improve competitiveness on the other.

Within these systems all energy consumption and energy fluxes are systematically identified, checked and evaluated within the companies. On the basis of this data the potential for saving and the measures for enacting them are planned and set forth. The results of these energy saving measures are assessed periodically and the activities planned for improving the energy efficiency are continually updated.An important role within the energy management is attributed to our staff. The know processes and plants and are able to consistently contribute to detecting the saving potentials and to enact the energy saving measures. Therefore, our management systems are aiming to sensibilze and activate our staff for the issues of energy efficiency and protection of the climate.

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