Quality policy


Since almost 20 years the German Riva sites have a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001, as part of the integrated management system, which, depending on the specific site, is composed of environment, energy, work safety and sustainability management. All our management systems are certified and controlled by accredited international organisations. The target of our quality management system is to make sure that resources are used efficiently and that the requirements of our customers and other interested entities are fulfilled 100%. Our main guidelines and objectives are:

  • Keeping and maintaining an efficient quality management system for processes, products and services in compliance with legal and other requirements.
  • Assuring the availability of resources, information and knowledge necessary for the functioning and control of the processes, i.a. through training and instruction courses.
  • Assuring that all employees at any level are obliged and involved in the enactment of the quality policy here described and efficiently apply the quality principles, i.a. by supporting shared values and ethical behaviorial models.
  • Description of the processes in procedural and operative instructions in order to guarantee a continually high quality production and control.
  • Comprehension and fulfilment of the requirements and expectations of the customers and other interested entities by assuring that the products comply with the technical and qualitative requirements.
  • Measurement of customer satisfaction as basis for our improvement.
  • Documentation of the quality objectives set forth by the management board and definition of precise verification indicators which are analyzed for the assessment of the achieved quality results. The causes of possible quality defects are analyzed and a rapid and efficient solution is assured.
  • Inspections for verifying the enactment and for measuring the efficiency of the quality management system and its compliance with the quality policy here described and with the regulations in force and assurance of the relevant correction and prevention measures, in order to eliminate or prevent any inadequacies of the quality management system.
  • Selection and qualification of suppliers whose supplies affect the quality of products and processes, and involvement in the achievement of the corporate objectives within the sphere of their competence.
  • Assessment of the demand of technological innovation for the development of new products and processes in line with the expectations of the market.

The manager of the works and the managers of the departments commit themselves to comply with the guidelines above and to develop measures for the achievment of the corporate objectives and for the continuous improvement.

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